Feb 09 2016

Updated docs

Added some info about Synchronization functions (synchFolder, SynchCalendarEvent) that was added in python version. You can find it in Functions drop down.
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Apr 18 2012

PHP version bugfix

Mark has has found another bug, this time in listItems(), a typo in line 427 (it should be $iem_id instead of $id).

The bug has been fixed and git repo updated

New archive will be uploaded sometime later.


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Apr 18 2012

Ptyhon version update – synchronization support


Python version of EWSWrapper just received an update to support folder synchronization, outlook-style. You can now incrementally synch folders using MS built-in method for it, storing returned SyncState as reference point form MS Exchange. It was mainly tested with Calendar Events, so I can’t say for certain it will work for all folders.. :)

You can get newest version currently from GIT repo, I’ll update archives later.

Also Suds page received an update with new hack to help you fix DST offset problem for local timezones :)


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Feb 09 2012

PHP version bugfix

Mark has pointed out an odd bug in addCalendarEvent and editCalendarEvent. Somehow some code went missing from those functions and as a result they did not work.

The bug has been fixed, git repo updated and new archive uploaded (v0.11). Cheers~

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Oct 20 2011

Python implementaion added!

Python implementation of EWSWrapper has been added and documentation has been updated accordingly.


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Sep 09 2011

Documentaion Posted

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Sep 07 2011

Site opened

This site will serve as documentation for EWSWrapper. Not much to look through yet, but soon it’ll be filled with content.

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